17 gennaio 2010

your amazing brain

nel post precedente ho parlato
di come sia importante per il futuro
essere consapevoli di cosa e come si studia

in inghilterra la Boomerang Ed
ha lanciato per il nuovo anno scolastico
una gamma di diari innovantivi che avranno
una sezione dedicata alle mappe mentali

Your Amazing Brain is FREE to all Innovation Diary customers and provides students with the opportunity to explore creativity, study skills and the incredible capacity of their brain using techniques developed by Tony Buzan, a world-leading expert in mental literacy.

Your Amazing Brain is a FREE, full colour section featuring content written by Tony Buzan for Boomerang Ed's Innovation Diaries and weekly tips and advice to build on the central ideas and techniques in Your Amazing Brain:

How to Mind Map®
• Your amazing memory
• Health and well-being
• Super study skills
• What is creativity and how can we enhance it?
• Colour Power
• Imagination & Association

questo il video della presentazione dei diari
agli studenti del famoso wellington college

interessante anche questo articolo che parla
di un'inziativa del wellington college

Thinking and Philosophy
Wellington College to teach its students
how to think in a major new departure

Wellington College, the leading independent school, is so concerned about the state of the curriculum and examinations in Britain today that is taking a major step in appointing two national figures, Tony Buzan and Dr Julian Baggini, to teach thinking and philosophy. They will spearhead the programme and will become the school's first thinker-in-residence and philosopher-in-residence respectively. Not only the pupils but also the teachers, support staff, parents and governors will be introduced to new and effective ways of thinking.

From September
this year, all pupils will take part in lectures, seminars and lessons to learn how to think (including how to think logically), how to recognise the difference between inductive and deductive reasoning, how to construct and to probe weaknesses in arguments and received wisdom, and to understand the basics of the philosophy of knowledge, politics, morality and religion.(...)

(...) Tony Buzan is the celebrated creator of 'Mind Maps', and an author, lecturer, broadcaster and adviser to governments, businesses, the professions, universities and schools. His 82 books on the brain, learning and thinking skills have been published in over 100 countries and translated into 30 languages, and he has hosted a long-running series on BBC television. "This development by Wellington is inspired," says Buzan. "It will raise the profile of creativity in the curriculum and expand the concept of thinking, helping forge the idea of a new 21st century renaissance graduate who will be capable and confident of dealing with the increasing demands of modern society." Buzan plans to co-author a book, called 'The Thinking School', and to produce a television series on the multiple aspects and implications of the Thinking School, which will encompass not only the pupils at Wellington but also its teachers, support staff, parents and g