28 gennaio 2008

are you a visual thinker ?

in questi giorni a san francisco
si sta svolgendo VizThink '08
una conferenza che riunisce i diversi
stili, approcci e applicazioni del pensiero visuale

Who are visual thinkers anyway? Visual thinkers are people who use any form of the visual arts such as graphic design, illustration, photos, video, animations, sketches, 3D, etc. for communications and learning. VizThink's goal is to bring together the best of the best in our industry with participation from trainers, marketers, presenters, executives, planners, strategists, and managers, just to name a few. While each approach and application may be different, the community members all share the same philosophy in the power of visualization for learning and communication. We believe that by bringing these diverse groups together, we'll create a community that can take the industry to a new level and invite you to take part.

questo il programma della conferenza

inutile dirlo...vorrei essere lì !

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