06 ottobre 2010

apprendere nel XXI secolo

molto interessante il progetto di Patrick Newell
21 Foundation Aligning 21st century learners
with 21st century learning

21 Foundation was created in 2009 by Patrick Newell, whose inspiration stemmed from his deep seated belief that education practices were failing today's children. This failure was leaving them and therefore mankind ill-equipped to address the issues facing society in the 21st Century.

This coupled with his passion for education and belief that education and the advancement in knowledge holds much of the hope for the future of mankind motivated him to address these issues on a global basis by the creation of the 21 Foundation.

del progetto fa parte 21:21 the movie

21:21, due for release in the fall of 2010, is a documentary film shot in classrooms around the world, demonstrating the power of 21st century learning techniques.

The film also includes interviews with parents, educators and thought-leaders who share their insights into the problems with the current education system, and demonstrate how these issues are being overcome through the adoption of new techniques and technologies.

tra gli intervistati anche tony buzan

The creator of Mind Mapping contemplates
the age of intelligence, creativity and radiant thinking.

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