15 aprile 2008

mind mappers in the world

ieri ho scritto una mail a paul foreman
per fargli i complimenti per le sue mappe
e mandargli la mia life map n.0
insieme al link dell'articolo
storia di un pensiero che da lineare ritornò ad essere radiale

oggi ho ricevuto con grande piacere la sua risposta
che voglio condividere con voi perchè il mapping di paul
è molto simile al mio, che ho descritto in
energia del pensiero radiale: nuovo cibo per la mente

Hi Roberta

Thanks for your lovely email - much appreciated!

I have a great tip for you, as you mention in your email "i can think and write in a different way, effective and amusing" and "Thanks to the technique of the mind maps i have begun to slow down the train" -

You can take it a stage further, if you wish to experiment you will see for yourself......that if you still your mind and stop thinking, (perhaps tune into your breathing or listen to birdsong) you will have even fresher thoughts and ideas and answers come to you that are not from normal intellect.

Over-thinking bogs us down and clouds the mind creating confusion - the less thought activity you have the better your ideas - it just takes practice to reduce your thoughts, and patience to wait until the time is right for more creative and inspiring thoughts to appear!

Often, your body can tell you more than your brain because the brain is like a computer analysing all the time and often thinks it knows when it doesn't - whereas the body "feels" and is more in touch with how things really are. There is a wonderful phrase regarding this "You have to slow down to speed up" Hope that helps - more can be found on "Stop Thinking" on the Inspiration website at www.inspiration.moonfruit.com

I have also made changes to the Mind Map site to make it easier to navigate and clearer to view - hope you like it - www.mindmaps.moonfruit.com

I like your Mind Map - excellent!....eccellente!....my Italian is useless, so sadly I cannot read all of it; although the pictures really help of course - should you have time, maybe you could translate it (just the words)?

Thanks again Roberta - nice to hear from you
Very best wishes
Paul Foreman

condivido il messaggio di paul
you have to slow down to speed up !

buona creatività a tutti ;)

3 commenti:

0disse0 ha detto...

io ho un tipo di apprendimento che e' legato alla scrittura, devo cioe' scrivere, riassumendo magari, per memorizzare meglio. Le mappe mentali mi aiutano molto in questo processo e mi fa piacere scoprire (ma forse non ho cercato bene io in passato) che anche in Italia c'e' un certo interesse sull'argomento MindMaps. Seguo il tuo blog con attenzione perche' e' sempre ricco di spunti.

roberta buzzacchino ha detto...

ciao 0disse0

grazie per la tua attenzione :)

藍心湄Blue ha detto...

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